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What does it mean to be a Parkite? Maybe you were born in Park City, or maybe you’ve just been here on vacation and fell in love. Regardless of what kind of Parkite you may be, Nancy Tallman’s Park City lifestyle blog will be a refreshing read.

The Park City lifestyle is all about working hard and playing harder. Whatever your definition of play – golf, bike, ski, board, run, hike, water sports, team sports and more – in Park City, it’s never far off (or far fetched). Nancy blogs weekly about the Park City lifestyle. You’ll find tips, news, updates and fun facts about the wonderful place we call Park City.

If you have questions about Park City, whether they pertain to real estate or not, Nancy would be happy to connect with you to help you navigate the PC lifestyle.

Park City Lifestyle Articles:

Park Silly Market Means Summer is Here

Today was the first day of the Park Silly Market. That means…. Crazy hats for sale–with pockets to keep your hands warm… Bee’s Knees Ice Cream–the next time I’m in Midway, I’m going to their shop on Main Street. Face painting…. Blue Grass Bands… My daughter, Whitney and I had a very nice afternoon on
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Park City-Most Exercisers in the US

Another reason to live or spend more time in Park City….The lifestyle will improve your health. Data from the Centers for Disease Control’s 2009 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System showed that Summit County, Utah is the most active county in the U.S. We had the highest percentage of residents in all U.S. counties who moderately
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My Five Star Montage Weekend

This weekend I accompanied my husband to the Montage Laguna Beach for an event related to his work. I’ve been privileged to stayed in some pretty nice hotels but the Montage experience was truly exceptional. There were tons of staff everywhere. Everyone from the gardener, housekeeping staff to the management stopped until the guest passed
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