Nancy Tallman Real Estate Listings

About Our Park City Real Estate Listings

With my proven marketing plan and “can-do” attitude I sell almost four times the number of Park City real estate listings in about half the time of the average Park City real estate agent. Based on current market statistics, only one in ten Park City properties will sell. I sell nearly half of my Park City real estate listings, which means my clients have a 500% better chance of selling their property when it is listed with me. My incredible work ethic and honest approach virtually guarantee my clients’ homes sell and they end up with significantly more money, bottom line, than they could get any other way. Search our Park City Utah real estate listings below and contact me if I may be of assistance.

We know each of our listings inside and out so that we may provide our clients with top-of-the-line service and knowledge about each property. We will never push a listing on a client that is not a true fit just because it is our own. We want what’s best for both our buyers and sellers, and always have both clients’ best interests in mind when it comes to an important decision like real estate.