Park City Christian Center-A Community Treasure for Your Former Treasures

I was a little late on “spring” cleaning this year. Maybe it was because I was running every weekend in preparation for the Ragnar Relay Race which took place on June 18th. Maybe it’s because there was snow on the ground until May. Anyway, I finally got around to going through every closet and got the kids to sort through their toys. I went through the mud room and found several snow suits and gloves in great condition but 2 sizes too small for any of my kids. What to do with 5 garbage bags and 3 boxes full of stuff that was in good condition but no longer needed by anyone in my family? Answer–The Christian Center in Park City.

I had not had the opportunity to check out their new digs in the former US Bank building on Deer Valley® Resort Drive. Wow! I was impressed. I drove to the drop off section in the back. I knew exactly where to go because they so thoughtfully put together a sign with directional arrows explaining where all their services are located. When I drove around to the back there was a gentleman sitting on a chair. I felt like he was waiting for me. He helped me unload everything from my car and he THANKED ME. He explained I needed to go inside the resale shop for a receipt. Everyone was so polite. The resale shop was neat and organized. Several people were shopping. The person who gave me my receipt also thanked me. When I got back to my car, the person who had helped me unload was already sorting my former treasures. I am so glad that I didn’t toss everything in the trash. I am so glad that what we didn’t need is going to help raise money for the Christian Center of Park City and help families who can’t pay retail for toys, snow boots and golf shirts. I drove away from the Christian Center with a sense of pride in my community and a complete sense of wonder as to the miracles that must happen every day under its roof.

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