Park City Medical Center-Style and Convenience

Park City Medical Center

Let’s face it-going to the hospital is never fun. Especially when you have to drive your husband there at 6:00am. But I must say it wasn’t half as bad as the last time when we had to go to LDS Hospital in Salt Lake (which at the time was the only choice). Yesterday, we left home 15 minutes before the scheduled time. We arrived and the place was pretty empty..which allowed me to really appreciate the architecture and artwork.

For example, this fireplace, located adjacent to the surgery intake desk, looks strikingly similar to the one at the Promontory golf clubhouse. There were original paintings and beautiful photos of Park City. The staff were very nice and seemed to appreciate the fact that they weren’t commuting to SLC for work. It didn’t even smell like a hospital.

As they prepared my husband for surgery, I left to get the kids ready for school. At 10:00am, I received a call from the surgeon that my husband’s surgery was a success and he would be ready to come home soon. Wow!

In a flash I was back at the hospital and it was bustling. But I’m glad I got to see it early in the morning when all was quiet. It really gave me a sense of appreciation and I can chalk up another great amenity that living in Park City offers.

P.S., I heard the food is magnificent, as the head chef used to work for Bill Gates. I’m looking forward to checking it out

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