Searching for “Best Buys”–A needle in a haystack?

I like to email best buys to a select group of people in my database who have subscribed. Yesterday, I searched the MLS, looking for “best buys”. I was genuinely surprised by the fact that my search was like looking for a needle in a haystack! Although even Park City, Utah, the resort market where I work, is considered a “buyer’s market”, where were the deals? How about the 5 listings I am carrying? Only one of them made it to my own best buy list. My takeaway is (1) many sellers are “tryers” and not really “sellers” or they are underwater on their property and can’t/don’t want to face the truth; (2) real estate agents are not honest with sellers about how to price their homes to sell. This makes the job of the buyer’s agent even more difficult and encourages “lowball” offers. It also provides a great opportunity for listing agents to move their listings if they can price them right.

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