The Closet As Art

Once an architectural afterthought, closets are increasingly becoming a focal point in luxury homes.  Premium closets may contain library-style stacking shelves for shoe and bag collections, suspended racks laden with off-season garments (accessed by pulling a lever), discreet jewelry safes camouflaged by mirrors, LED-illuminated cases filled with couture clothing exhibited like works of art, silk line drawers apportioned for accessories like sunglasses, climate-controlled fur cabinets and lavish finishes like crystal chandeliers and Carrera marble vanities.

Then there are the creative extras:  washer and dryer, wine refrigerators, coffee maker, flat screen TV, and cigar humidors.  The premium closet functions as both a work of art and a very practical storage system for the person who has a lot of clothing and accessories.  Some premium closets strive for the look and feel of an exclusive boutique.

I snapped the photo above while touring this home during a realtor open house.  I found this mudroom to be very impressive both for its beauty and functionality.  Look closely at the storage baskets, high-end finishes, washer & dryer, and beautiful rugs.


While lavish closets may or may not add to a home’s value, they definitely make a home more saleable.  To learn more and see examples of exquisite closets, visit

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