Why Fall is a Great Time to Buy Park City Real Estate

Armstrong Trail by Rachel Sharwell
Armstrong Trail by Rachel Sharwell

1. Experts believe that home prices (nationally) will appreciate 4-6% each year over the next 4 years.

2. If you are looking for ski property in Park City, this is the time of year when such properties are not rented and easy to view. If you arrive during Christmas and think you are going to get inside the best income generating properties, think again.

3. Those families who missed the summer selling season are more realistic about pricing and more motivated to negotiate.

4. Interest rates are low.  Those who can qualify for loans are looking at rates that start with the numeral 4 and sometimes 3. Eighty percent of the buyers I have worked with this year chose and qualified for financing. The other 20 percent elected to pay cash. Inexpensive money is out there. With home prices inching back up, the homes are appraising for purchase price or more.

5. In the long term, property ownership creates wealth.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about some potentially great investment properties in Park City.

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