1. The biggest problem for me has been how the property manager takes care of the property. Does he have trusted tradesmen who are able to make required repairs? Also, because my income property is a vacation rental, it is furnished. The property manager needs to inspect the home after a tenant vacates to see if any items are missing.

  2. My husband and I are looking to find a property manager that can help us take care of and manage our beach home that we are looking to rent. We want to make sure we choose someone reliable that we can count on to take properly take care of the tenants and property. Like you said, we should ask potential managers how many formal inspections we should expect each year and ideally find someone that offers one or two inspections per year.

  3. It’s easy to advice someone to find the right property manager who will take care of your property. But the difficult one is to advice the specific detail of what questions to ask them. That’s why, I’ll give five stars to this article. The main problem was well discussed.

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