I Think I Died And Went to Heaven…I Found the Wine Store!

Not just any wine store, but the second largest wine store in the state of Utah, according to their website http://abc.utah.gov/stores/index.html?storeNum=41.

Exterior of Utah Wine Store on 300W

It is not common to find a stocked wine store with this much selection that is so well organized! Each row is tagged with the type of wine and its origin. For example, there is an entire row of South African red wines and another with Australian Chardonnay. There is something here for every budget and taste and whatever you are looking for, it’s very easy to find. There are even some nice little half bottle sizes. The state liquor store near Park City Market is very impressive, but this store is larger, has a broader selection, and focuses primarily on wine. In spite of Utah’s image, it is nice to know that you can find the wine you crave in our nice state. And best of all, this wine store is just down the street from Target and Costco, so you can make a “one stop shopping” trip into Salt Lake City.

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