The 5 Commitments Needed to Succeed

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The real estate market is hot. Homes are selling. Inventory is down and demand is up. It is the best time for sellers in many years. If you want to succeed in selling your home or reaching any other goal in life, you must commit. Here are some personal examples:

Last week at CrossFit, I attempted to jump on top of a 30″ box. It reached my hips. I knew I could do it, but I was scared. On the way up I placed my hands in front as if to steady myself on top of the box. I missed the box and scraped my shin badly. Chris Spealler, my coach, said my problem was that I didn’t commit. This got me thinking about the level of commitment in my family and my real estate clients…..

Tallman Broken Arm

Two weeks ago, my son, Lance, was mountain biking and fell off the “Lost Prospector” trail. He broke his arm. He was scared and hit the brakes. My friends who mountain bike say that you have to commit. You keep the front wheel moving and on the trail, even if you are going fast.

Here is a more positive example. My daughter, Whitney, was ski jumping at the Utah Olympic Park. When you leave the gate, you must commit to going fast or you will slow down and literally stop before making the jump. As you can see from this 8 second video (click the link below), she was all in.

Whitney Utah Olympic Park Ski Jump

What does this have to do with selling a home? My clients who are committed to selling their home share these qualities. All of these qualities, not just some.
• Their home is well maintained, decluttered and in pristine condition
• Their home is priced right.
• Their home is not rented.
• Their home is not in the middle of a re-finance.
• Their home has a keybox and is easy to show on short notice.

Of the seven residential listings I am currently carrying, only three share all of these qualities. Those will be the three that will sell this summer. Just like my CrossFit coach can’t force me to commit to the box jump, I can’t force my clients to fully commit to selling their homes. I can only coach them on the 5 commitments needed to sell their home.

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